About Us

Our mission 

Saving lives and empowering women.

Women sparkle is a Women led organisation and our main mission is to work alongside mothers who feel that they cannot take care of their babies because of the financial burdens that come with raising a child alone.

We value life and believe that every life counts.

Our vision 

Discovering potential, supporting and training moms, enabling them to stand on their two feet by giving them the tools and skills needed for them to be financially independent.

Essentially, we are throwing a rescue ring in a sea where many women are drowning in despair, pregnant women who see abortion as the only way out of their situation.

Our why 

To save the lives and empower mothers.

Our how 

By working together with like-minded professionals, such as counselors, financial advisors, vocational trainers who offer their services for free.

We do not see a lack in resources, rather we see a great willingness from our partners and volunteers to contribute towards our mission to save lives. They do not only donate money but give other immeasurable resources such as their time, strong relationships and networks not to mention creative ideas which are fundamental for starting and maintaining successful businesses.

We invite potential partners and volunteers to join us. Just click on the volunteer button to join our team and throw someone a lifeline. The blessing in giving is immeasurable and we value partnership. 

Our Team

Co-founder - Maureen Maina

Co-founder - Catherine Maina

Co-founder - Jimmy Maina


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